Mersel Leb Nat Pet Nat Ruby 2020

Mersel Leb Nat Pet Nat Ruby 2020

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These 120 year old vines are grown at high attitude at 1600m above sea level facing the Mediterranean Ocean. Merwah is an Indigenous native grape to Lebanon.

To your nose, embrace notes of berries, bumble gum fizz, berry fruit salad.  Lovely light bubble tannins on the back of the palate give a generous character to this delectable sparkling wine! 

This Petillant Naturel, a type of natural sparkling wine uses the Classic Ancestral method where grapes are left on lees for 6 months and disgorged in early spring – March, before being bottled and sent straight to Australia.

Fact Sheet 

Sparkling rosé wine (Pet Nat)
Grape varieties:
Sangiovese, Merwah
Wadi Qannoubine & Mersel
Subtle & Light

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