Mersel Wine

Founded by Lebanese Australian Eddie Chami, Mersel aims to revive the viticulture of Lebanon's unique Indigenous varietals and elevate the natural wine scene in Lebanon. These include most prominently native Merwah, whose grapes are cultivated from 150 year old vines. 

Mersel Wine is committed to producing organic, high-quality wines and spirits that are neither mainstream in the Lebanese nor international market. Mersel strives to produce wine with unique taste using environmentally friendly methods that are low in intervention, with a goal of sustainability, a positive rural life and social impact with our community.

Mersel Wine introduces a unique high-altitude, cool climate wine expression and experience from two regions - Mersel and Wadi Qannoubine. In Wadi Qannoubine, the goal is to revive the viticulture of Lebanon’s indigenous grape varieties, like Merwah which is native to the North Eastern mountainous region. 

Mersel is producing Pet Nats, aptly named Leb Nats - a new sparkling wine that is finding global renaissance as a beautiful natural alternative to champagne. Meanwhile, Mersel's skin contact wines are produced with absolutely no chemicals or sulfites of any kind - they are 100% pure! 

Mersel is the currently planting the highest viticulture area in the Northern Hemisphere ranging between 2000m and 2500m above sea level in a world first. Watch this space!