Our wineries


Lebanese wine production began almost 6,000 years ago in what is now known as Lebanon was the magnificent land of Phoenicia. Following Lebanon’s exit from the war, a wave of new young boutique style wineries has emerged, exploring new flavors and bouquets. These wineries have entered on the international stage, embracing connoisseurship through an innovative and quality driven artisanal wine production.

In respect to the particular soil and climate, these Lebanese wineries combine modern wine techniques with old-found tradition. To create the most desirable and delicious wines, our wineries often match indigenous Lebanese grapes with plants from the best international growers. The wineries in our portfolio commit to quality and nature's gifts, working hard to deliver a selection of the best wines that can be found in Lebanon.

The Lebanese land offers a perfect environment for the grape’s growth. With its lush coastal regions, soaring mountain peaks and fertile valleys, Lebanon enjoys a great diversity of terrains and climates. Along the seaside, from where the air breeze blows towards the northern high rich mountains plateau at more than 3,000 meter altitude, crossing the fertile Bekaa valley all the way to the Southern lands at lower altitudes. These lands are exposed to a sunny well balanced climate along with four seasons. Ultimately this enables a wide harvest of wines drawing from various climates.