Our story

Our founder Nicole hails from a half Lebanese, half Australian background. Since a young age, Nicole has maintained a deep passion for the food and wine industry, coupled with over 8+ years experience in five star hotels and Michelin restaurants across the world. 

After a trip to Lebanon in July 2019, she was amazed by the incredible wines the country had to offer. Upon returning to Sydney, she embarked upon her journey to start Vins Du Liban, a business where she could share the amazing wines of her Lebanese heritage with the Australian people.

Vins Du Liban translates in French to “Wines of Lebanon”. Lebanon has long maintained a strong French influence, hailing from its colonisation during the 1920s. This is evident when walking the streets of Beirut surrounded by classic French architecture, and the sexy sound of French widely spoken and radiating from cafes & bars. 

Quitting her corporate job in pursuit of her passion, Nicole returned to Lebanon shortly after. After meeting over 10 wineries, talking with winemakers and visiting vineyards – she has curated a selection of boutique style wines to deliver to the Australian market. 

Nicole aims to pioneer Lebanese wine in Australia, and put it on the map (or wine list) beside French, Italian, Spanish and other varieties. Nicole hopes to show Australians how beautifully this wine pairs on a day-to-day basis whether it be a nice white for dinner, a sexy summer rosé or a deep full-bodied red for heartier occasions.